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Robert Leslie

Robert Leslie takes it day-by-day on new track "Trying to Stay Alive"

It’s likely, during these very strange times, your mind is racing a mile a minute, trying to account for all the variables inherent just to just living throughout a generation-defining event. These thoughts inform the core of “Trying to Stay Alive,” the new single by indie pop artist Robert Leslie, which offers a pragmatic sketch of the mental gymnastics we all practice as we attempt to go about life as normal. Thankfully, Leslie’s evenhanded lyricism is offset by sunny acoustic strumming, upbeat walking bass, and muted horns, all of which provide a 70s-like energy that feels straight from the McCartney songbook. In all, it gives “Trying” with a triumphant energy, and makes for a small celebration of getting through another day — and isn’t that worth celebrating? Give it a listen below. Photo by Emmanual Rosario



Robert Leslie Brings his Folk-Pop to Pete’s Candy Store on 02.18

Like the Sirens’ temptation of Odysseus, Brooklyn-via-London folk-pop artist Robert Leslie’s new single, “Say it Enough,” successfully courts us into his misery. From the very first organ notes, to the soothing roll of the bass line, the bright and welcoming melodies catch your attention drawing the listener into what is soon discovered to be an undeniably lonesome desolation. Leslie’s voice almost cracks in heartbreak as he sees an old love leaving for destinations unknown, and from which he knows there will be no return. The notion of love slipping through fingertips echoes not only in the pitch of his voice, or the effected tonality of the guitar, but also (and especially) in lyrics like, “or are you only ever dreaming of some other kinda scene, where you’ll always be a stranger and the people talk in code, and no one has to miss you when you go.” The track fades off in dwindling incredulousness and we’re left, like Leslie, unsure of where to go from here. Leslie plays Pete’s Candy Store on February 18th. - JP Basileo


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