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Peaer's "Don't" is effortlessly cool math rock, new record out 9.27

Brooklyn’s Peaer hits their stride on new single “Don’t,” utilizing patent stumbling math rock rhythms alongside major-minor chord modulations to create a track that is as engaging as it is disorienting. Regardless of vocalist/guitarist Peter Katz’s biting, occasionally sardonic lyrics (“why do you treat others like objects? / man, i’d hate to see how you treat objects”), there’s an inherent playfulness to Peaer’s craft, due in large part to the band’s tight instrumental synergy, their ability to interweave guitar, drums, and vox in ways unexpected and impressive. Better yet, Katz’s nonchalant vocal delivery occurring the midst of their well-choreographed performance endows “Don’t” with an effortlessly cool atmosphere. It promises more experimentation on forthcoming LP A Healthy Earth, out August 16th on Tiny Engines; listen below, and catch them at Elsewhere on September 27th. -Connor Beckett McInerney


Peaer headlines Trans-Pecos with slacker emo 04.29

Spindly and tender, Peaer approaches often over-cooked genres with tact. Led by Peter Katz, the group plays with understated complexity. On Peaer’s most recent release, 2016’s self-titled full-length, the math rock rhythmic variation and generous swings in intensity become discrete and accessible thanks to the subtlety of the performances. It’s that care for dynamics and precision that makes Peaer such a persuasive live act. Katz sings with a modest delivery more in line with ‘90s slacker rock than his emo-tinged guitar work would lead one to expect. You can catch the band next headlining Trans-Pecos on April 29th alongside Sinai Vessel and Jelani Sei. – Cameron Carr

Artists on the rise: slack rockers peaer play Sunnyvale on May 13

Brooklyn-based Peaer crafts understated indie rock songs that feel raw and unpolished enough to reflect the types of real-life concepts wrestled with in their lyrics. A highly dynamic band with a lot of heart, Peaer is tight enough to flirt with the wildness of coming undone, without ever succumbing to it. Active since the beginning of the decade, the band in 2016 released a noteworthy 7 track record, one of our favorite within the genre, check out "single Cliff Song," below, and opener "Pink Spit," here. - Olivia Sisinni

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best garagey/punky songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!

A slacking all Brooklyn bill at Shea Stadium tomorrow (11.18) with Peaer, Pupppy, Bethlehem Steel and Cadet Kelly

We live in an era full of paradoxes, and the one we stumbled upon today is that in the most hectic city in the US (NYC) an awful lot of music made by caucasian artists is - one way or another - flirting with the concept of slacking. For those in the mood, tomorrow (11.19) four local bands will bring their own version of slack rock to the Shea Stadium's stage. Peaer (pictured) is a rotating lineup of musicians led by Peter Katz (formerly of Fugue, Poverty Hollow, Suns); their recent self titled album slacks in very interesting and original ways, mostly through a selection of mid to down tempos, introducing elements foreign to the genre like post rock and math rock. Pupppy (Deli NYC Record of the Month in the summer of 2015) has a folkier and more lyrical approach, while openers Bethlehem Steel and Cadet Kelly both dwell in fast paced dreaminess.

"Pastel" post-punk band Patio plays Shea Stadium on 08.08

Typically I'm weary of the word patio, after seeing it applied to countless local ads for senior-home condos or the over-friendly neighborhood brick layers stumbling through radio commercials. The Brooklyn trio Patio however has lightened my jaded little heart with their perfect blend of sweet melodies and post-punk grit. Marked by subdued vocals that read in a genuine post-cool way, Patio's first EP, Luxury, is driven by mobile bass lines and punctuated snare hits. The band emphatically paints anthems for the current malaise plaguing twenty-somethings and their infectious tunes are furthered by the band's sense of fun and loving devotion of chicken sandwiches. See Patio live on August 8 at Shea Stadium supporting Ovlov, Happy Diving, and Peaer, and check out their single 'Arbitrary Numbers' below. - Olivia Sisinni


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