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Not Blood Paint

Not Blood Paint releases "Calm Down" on 03.08 at Collapsible Hole

This might be hard to believe, but if anything... Not Blood Paint's latest 5 song mini-LP (some looong tracks in there, and some short ones too!) shows the band in an even fouler spirit than their last. This isn't to say you need to worry about angry fist throwing in mosh pits at their upcoming album release show at the Collapsible Hole. If anything, the new record displays the group as more melodically centered, harmonically grounded rock songsters than I've heard from them yet. But the sentiment has turned from cynicism to heated anger in tracks like album closer 'Taking Root,' the admonishing 'Don't Wanna Talk About It,' and even the creepy Frankie Valli harmonies of 'Family First.' This is a group increasingly concerned about humanity's issues. But no matter the wretched shape of our society, it's a comfort to hear how closely knit this band is. See them live at the Collapsible Hole on Friday, March 8, and check out their Bandcamp to stream 'Calm Down'. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


Arbitration Rock Festival 08.04, with Gunfight!, Bad Credit No Credit + more

Tomorrow, come support some local history through the Greater Ridgewood Historical Society at the Onderdonk House with a selection of some of the city’s finest indie rock bands, food and booze at the Arbitration Rock Festival. Bands include Not Blood Paint, PassKontrol, Bad Credit No Credit (pictured), Backwords, GunFight! (streaming) and more. Also, as summer’s starting to wind down (it’s already August?!), you might want to come for the opportunity to bask in the sun! More info here.

Not Blood Paint releases "La Normalidad" + plays The Studio on 04.11

Not Blood Paint might be The Beatles of glam rock. Seth, Mark, George and Joe can each claim equal credit when it comes to the toothy electricity of their cultish and creepy dance rock. See them live and you feel your eyes pulled from one member's blood-soaked choreography to the next, never quite deciding who the leader is... which is exactly how some of the best cults function. This kind of representative democracy, a liability in local acts with less personality, is a major asset on NBP's self-released debut full-length.

Taken together, the sum of their parts means full-throttle vocals, dueling guitar lines, and inspirational one-liners like 'I want your daughter' from opener 'Maxwell's Daughter.' But that's not all they want.' 'La Normalidad' is about as epic as you could reasonably expect a record to climb. 'Watch Your Mouth' propels you headfirst into their demented little world, before leaving you to wander alone in its wilderness. 'The Shape of a Brain' and the 9 minute 'Triple bypass' similarly compete for interesting ways to trick metalheads into dancing.

Most of these are songs forged in the fire of their tremendous live performances, so you'll be sure to hear previously released crowd favorites 'Tommy' and 'Army' on here as well. The album has a very live sound in fact. Guitarist Joe Stratton kept the focus on the band with his production, and things don't depart much from what this band usually brings directly from their amps, with certain exceptions. 'Birdstrike,' somewhat a departure from the rest of the record, takes the listener to a space between Strawberry Fields and Marc Bolan with it's swirling echoes and cross-talk banter, and the anthemic 'Shooter' gets re-made to sound like you're overhearing a private conversation from the band while attending some late night dance party in hell (trust me).

This is a band that firmly occupies their own space, and apparently they have the money to stay there. Evidenced by their Spanish-speaking billionaire philanthropist Poncio Vicario, who alone funded their album premiere show last weekend. Apparently, 'La Normalidad' is named for a research center of the same name that is investigating the power of orgones as a means to fuel clean energy. So ummm..... try thinking about all that next time you trip out to 'Solar Body.'

See them when you can (next show at The Studio on April 11th) and check out their record here. - Mike Levine (@goldnuggets)


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