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New Track: "Submission" - NAH

In American music history, the formerly underground genres of hip hop and punk/new wave found themselves as unlikely bedfellows, heavily influencing each other's cultures in the late 70s and early 80s in NYC, as reggae and punk/new wave did in England. Now, with hip hop already embedded into the mainstream and punk's resurgence noticeably changing the landscape of our society, it's certainly not peculiar to find former 1994! drummer Mike Kuhn, a.k.a. NAH, impressively melding the genres together once again. Check out one of his newest tracks, "Submission," below!


NAH Opening for Babelfishh at KFN April 13

Experimental hip hop comes out of the basements of Philly's DIY scene and onto the stage of Kung Fu Necktie this evening. One-man wrecking crew NAH, a.k.a. Mike Kunh (formerly of 1994!), creates a nightmarish warzone environment with his bombastic drumbeats and unpredictable, mind-scrambling electronic noise samples, beating you into submission. It's a white flag that you gladly raise in the end. Kuhn will be joined by local grimy grit-hop trio MCs A Dead Fox, Riff Quantum, and DJ Dick Muscles, better known as Static Brothers, and "the bad boyz of noize" Drums Like Machine Guns. They'll play host to Houston doom-hop artist Babelfishh, a.k.a. Scott Humer. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 7pm, $6, 21+ (Photo by Gabe Coffey) - Alexis V.


New Track: "a man that says no" - NAH

Drummer/producer NAH has a new track called "a man that says no," off his latest release Nobody Cares What Happens, No One's Interested (Ranch Records). Combining skilled kit work with electronic samples, the sound sculptor continues to push the bondaries of hip hop and prove why he deserves our attention. NAH is a rare gem and a good example of what interesting hybrids you'll find coming out of Philly's underground.


NAH & I IM EYE MY at Cha-Cha'Razzi Jan. 17

Mike Kuhn (of 1994!), a.k.a. NAH, hits you with a surprise attack of combative style hip hop. Seemingly using everything in his arsenal, NAH is a noise-oriented jolt to the nervous system. It's unpredictable nature circulates adrenaline, while the heavy percussive techniques shake you into submission. There’s a particular edge associated with the unknown, as though anything can emerge around the bend. Tonight, at South Philly's Cha-Cha'Razzi, I IM EYE MY the creative pairing of Sean Hamilton (Spacin’, ex-Acid Kicks) and Al Creedon (ex-Bleeding Rainbow) will continue their experimental endeavor, developing flowing textures of sound and erecting a living, breathing body of music destined for a place one’s never been but is enticed to see first hand. The jarring post-punk blast of Kerosene as well as Naked Pyramid’s laboratory of psych tones set the pace for a show that invites you in without fully telling you what’s behind the door. Cha-Cha'Razzi (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.), 8pm, $6-$8, All Ages - Michael Colavita


New Music Video: "Rather Die" (Feat. GIVV) - NAH

Found on NAH’s WOE (which will be released on vinyl January 6 via Ranch Records), this Brandon Kuzma-directed video for “Rather Die” featuring GIVV grabs with its instantaneous heart-thumping intensity, matched by the emcee's strong authoritative delivery. With quick-transitional movements coupled with black and white imagery, the song pounces on you, meshing menace and power. Don’t be afraid to click repeat, and catch NAH in the flesh on Thursday, December 11 at Everybody Hits with Anwar Sadat.


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