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Kid Mountain

Allston DIY Fest Set for Saturday, August 24

Looking for something wicked awesome to do this weekend? Head on over to Ringer Park in Allston for the Allston DIY Fest IV this Saturday, August 24. Amidst a sea of red tape and permits, the Fest was finally granted approval recently and it is shaping-up to be one heck of a weekend. Saralee, Kid Mountain and Box of Birds are among the twenty-two performers that will be sharing two stages throughout the day.

In addition to live music, workshops and skillshares will be taking place on topics ranging from “The Sexual Politics of Meat” to bike repairs. A variety of local groups, including Hollaback! Boston, will have tables set-up, so be sure to stop by and say hello!

For more info, check out the Fest’s Facebook page here

 -Dan McMahon (@dmcmhn)

Kid Mountain Open Up About the Band's Beginnings and Hopes for the Future

A few weeks ago, I came across Kid Mountain, a five-piece indie-rock band from Boston with a bright, energetic sound. I had previously reviewed an older disc of theirs, Visitor’s Center EP, which is a great collection of tunes. Their most recent record, Happies, is poppy/surfy/catchy as can be.I’d recommend giving it a listen as well. I was able to get in touch with guitarist Tyler Rosenholm via email, and he was kind enough to offer a brief glimpse into the collective mind of Kid Mountain. Follow this link to view the full interview.



Q+A with Kid Mountain

- by Dan McMahon (@dmcmhn)

The Deli: So, how long have you guys been together?

Tyler: “ We’ve been together for about 2 years, [w]hich feels like it’s gone by fairly quickly; but when we listen back on some of our earlier work, it’s clear we’ve come a long way.  Although, Happies is our newest release, we’re looking forward and writing new material – we’re slowly working new songs into our set which is exciting…for us.”


What is the best show you guys ever played?

“A very pivotal early show for us was our first show in Boston at the All Asia about a year ago. A lot of our friends from town came out and the energy was through the roof. After that point, people starting spreading our name around which lead us to move on to playing more shows around Boston and opening for bigger acts such as Maps and Atlases, Reptar and Cayucas."


What’s your favorite part about playing live?

“My favorite part of playing live is when the drums kick back in at the end of ‘Happy Lappies’ [fifth track off of Happies]. Out of the corner of my eye I sometimes see people dancing. The band as a whole agrees that dancing at shows is something that we appreciate; we love to see people having as much fun as we are, unless we are not having fun, in which case we would appreciate that people not dance.”


What made you guys want to get together and start a band? What would be your "musical philosophy"?

"We started Kid Mountain as an artistic outlet that would eventually lead to a self-sustaining entity of fun. Our goals right now are to keep people interested, play new places and write music that we hope can stand on it’s own two feet. We try to write music that represents itself because we are really bad at speaking for it.”


So there you have it: drive, a sense of humor and tremendous musical talent--what more could you ask for from a band? Their next show will be at Fete Lounge in Providence on August 23. Check their Facebook page for more details and to stay up-to-date on other Kid Mountain news.





Kid Mountain 



Providence-Boston Band Kid Mountain Releases "Visitor's Center" EP

As I was scouring the internet for the next band/artist/musical act to catch my ear, I stumbled on something awesome. Yes, awesome. Kid Mountain’s Visitor’s Center EP is a great set of tracks. It opens up with a great boom of energy and sustains that excitement and passion throughout each of the seven songs. A blend of Fleet Foxes reverb and vocals, coupled with Dodos-esque rhythms makes this EP a must on your iTunes playlist (you can download it from their bandcamp site for only $5!). The entire EP actually reminds me of hanging out on a deck at a party in the summertime, and who doesn’t like partying outside? Even if you hate parties, you’ll certainly dig the tunes these guys have created. The second track on Visitor’s Center, “Upskirt”, really stood out to me; with it’s powerful guitars and gang vocal choruses, I would imagine these guys are great live. The band recently wrapped up an East Coast tour, but stay on the lookout for them at a club/bar/basement near you.

-- Dan McMahon



Boston band on the rise: Kid Mountain

Kid Mountain is an up and coming Boston indie band. Though hard to classify the exact genre of what they play, they like to call it Shoe-Pop. It has the ambience and reverby guitar and vocals of shoe gaze yet much more up beat with an acoustic guitar that fills everything out and gives everything a unique sound. They have an EP that came out in January called, Visitor's Center and they are currently making their debut album due at the end of the summer. Though just a baby band this quartet has already played with the likes of Reptar, The Wandas, and many more bands that are currently big on the indie scene, so keep your eye on them! - (as posted in The Deli New England's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here).



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