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Here We Just Dream

Music Video Review: Here We Just Dream--To Be Devoured

A sasquatch guzzling a glass bottle of milk, a bizarre karate/knife fight and a mysterious Final Fantasy-esque heroine--all this and more can be found in Here We Just Dream’s new video for their song “To Be Devoured.” It was released a few weeks ago, but I came across it last week and felt I had to alert all of you fine Deli readers about its oddly-captivating presence. The song itself is super tight, with airy arpeggios supported by a steady rhythm section. I’m more or less at a loss for words in describing the video, but it's so intriguing I wasn't able to look away.

If you're interested in checking the band out live, they'll be at The Middle East Upstairs on December 14. More info about that show can be found here. For updates about the band, check out their website.

-Dan McMahon (@dmcmhn)



Tonight in Boston: Check out Here We Just Dream

 Here We Just Dream’s self-titled album, released in June of 2012, is an incredible listen, most notably because it stands out from most other self-proclaimed “prog rock” groups. I’ll refrain from using the term “prog rock” for the rest of this review, mostly because that term makes me want to vomit. What interests me about this band is their use of smooth keyboard lines—they don’t over-power you with ostentatious solos or over-the-top virtuosity. The tracks “Birds Fly Information” and “Phototropism” are prime examples of the elegant use of keys on this record. They blend in beautifully with the intricate guitar licks and vocal melodies found throughout the album. While the record is more of an EP in length, it packs enough energy and musical skill to more than make-up for its brevity.

See them tonight on May 30 at Radio in Somerville or this weekend at Red Room, Café 939 at Berklee College of Music on June 1. - Dan McMahon 


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