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Happy Diving

"Pastel" post-punk band Patio plays Shea Stadium on 08.08

Typically I'm weary of the word patio, after seeing it applied to countless local ads for senior-home condos or the over-friendly neighborhood brick layers stumbling through radio commercials. The Brooklyn trio Patio however has lightened my jaded little heart with their perfect blend of sweet melodies and post-punk grit. Marked by subdued vocals that read in a genuine post-cool way, Patio's first EP, Luxury, is driven by mobile bass lines and punctuated snare hits. The band emphatically paints anthems for the current malaise plaguing twenty-somethings and their infectious tunes are furthered by the band's sense of fun and loving devotion of chicken sandwiches. See Patio live on August 8 at Shea Stadium supporting Ovlov, Happy Diving, and Peaer, and check out their single 'Arbitrary Numbers' below. - Olivia Sisinni

Happy Diving Releases New Music Video For Never Been

Bay Area grunge-pop band, Happy Diving has recently come out with a video for their song Never Been. Similar to Pinkerton-era Weezer and Dinosaur Jr., the song is melody-laden and filled to the brim with angst in the best ways possible. In the video, Happy Diving plays the duration of the song while photos from a projector flash rapidly on the wall behind them. Much like the song, the video's shots are layered and create a hazy atmosphere. We at the Deli SF encourage you to listen to this band's wonderfully sludgy style of power pop. With dead pan vocal delivery and a healthy helping of feedback in tow, Happy Diving will be releasing a self-titled EP on cassette on local label Father/Daughter Records on February 18th. -Erin Dage


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