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Foreign Fields

Best of Nashville Hip Hop/Electronic Acts: Soft Bodies and Truitt

Our Best of Nashville 2017 poll began last week with the Hip Hop/Electronic category and after you-the-people cast your vote, we have the results to share with you!

Overall Poll winner (Jurors vote + Readers' vote): Soft Bodies

Readers' Poll Winner (Readers' Vote only): Truitt

Both Soft Bodies and Truitt craft music that bores right down into the soul. Soft Bodies' dancy, psychedelic sonicsphere nestles right down into the subconscious. Mostly synth-based, their tunes set a mind and body to motion. Rhythm and melody meet in blissful arpeggiating crescendoes, weaved together with deep melanchology vocals that drive the songs forward. Soft Bodies claims the entire atmosphere of a space, setting a tone and collective motion. 

Truitt carries a more structured, pop orientation, influenced by electronic based pop production (take the newest Justin Bieber record, for example). The songs are symmetrical with traditional pop structuring and offer irresistable vocal hooks that seep into your head. Don't expect a uniform catalog of contemporary radio pop tunes with Truitt, however. Their songs offer a variety of production techniques and sampled instrumentation that shatter expectations and leave you waiting for the next one.

Honorable mentions go to Biyo and Jensen Sportag (tied for second in the overall chart) and PHANGS (second in the Readers' poll). The full list of nominees can be found under the streaming tracks. 


Here is the list of all the finalists in the Nashville Hip Hop/Electronic category and their readers' poll results:

  0%   7 votes
 Chill Witch
  4%   31 votes
  0%   2 votes
 Foreign Fields
  0%   2 votes
 Jensen Sportag
  0%   0 votes
 Mike Floss
  0%   1 vote
  0%   2 votes
  27%   199 votes
 Stealing Oceans
  0%   0 votes
 Soft Bodies
  0%   7 votes
 The Trinity Schill Kill
  0%   1 vote
  65%   476 votes

Foreign Fields Release Video "Little Lover"

Here's testament to how heavily environment can play into music. Two years ago Foreign Fields recorded their first album "Anywhere But Where I Am" in the duo's Wisconsin hometown. In 53 quiet, dreamy minutes they managed to distill the slow dread and surrender of yet another soul-deadening sink into the cold season (Midwestern émigré writing here). Since then, the duo of Eric Hillman and Brian Holl have received well-deserved recognition for their artfully rendered winter-listening, and also made the move to Tennessee. It’s clear by their single “Little Lover” that the South has quickened up their blood. Richer and fuller in even the silences, it’s a tantalizing glimpse of the sophomore album planned for early 2015. Foreign Fields will be playing Mercy Lounge on October 9th for Communion Nashville with Field Report, Water Liars and Great Peacock before heading out on tour with The Lone Bellow in November. –Terra James-Jura



Deli Best of Nashville 2012 - Submission Results!

The results are in from the Open Submissions stage for our Nashville Year End Poll for Emerging Artists. All of the submissions were ranked by Deli Editors from other scenes and the list of acts that have advanced to our Readers’/Fans’ Poll phase are below. We will also be releasing the list of nominees chosen by our local "scene expert" jurors very soon. 

We would like to thank all of the talented artists who submitted. It was our largest Open Submissions pool yet, and certainly a testament to how many rad acts we have in Nashville.
Qualified to the final phase of the Best of Nashville Poll:
Honorable Mentions (score above 7)
Andrew Leahey & the Homestead (Alt Country), Angel Snow (Indie Folk), Digital Jihad (Electronic), Greg Owens and the Whiskey Weather (Bluegrass), Lauren Rantala (Lounge Pop), Lines In the Sky (Prog Rock), Samantha Harlow (Country), The JAG (Psych Rock), The Last Royals (Indie Pop).
Jurors: Gracie Gutman (Deli SF), Ben Toledo (Deli Portland) Paolo De Gregorio (Deli NYC). 
The Deli's Staff

Foreign Fields Tops Best of Nashville Open Submissions

Originally from Wisconsin, Foreign Fields began working on their debut LP, Anywhere But Where I Am, two years ago in an abandoned office building. Shortly after, the five-piece moved their project down to Nashville, where their electric folk sound has become part of the aggregate of bands changing the perception of what Nashville's modern music scene really sounds like.


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