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the Everymen

The Everymen announces debut album + opens for King Khan

As they introduce a first full-length album to come with a clear second take on the fuzzy, poorly recorded 'Dance Only (Only Dance)' of their debut EP, NYC-via-New-Jersey septet The Everymen prove that they've come a long way in two years. Subtly supported in this soulful effort, amid heavy basslines and low sax tones, by the only female voice of the band, frontman and founder Mike V follows the melody with the clumsiness of both punks and macho rockers indulging in kitchy love songs that makes them sound all the more genuine.

Rough 'round the edges with no more need for noise, the track sees New Jersey Hardcore as a potential turning point in the band's recording career. We will however have to wait until October to confirm, so meanwhile, I suggest you get a taste of the new sounds at Brooklyn's House of Vans next Thursday (07.26), where they will be opening for psychedelic garage big band King Khan & His Shrines. That should be loads of fun. - Tracy Mamoun


The Everymen readies studio album. It might sound nasty (in a good way)

Ah, the simple joys of dancing, drinking and puppets. Jersey band The Everymen have developed a sizable audience by creating the kind of music designed to perfectly compliment each of these activities, although the soundtrack of their puppet shows might be too noisy for kids.

Much of the band’s live recordings from their latest release ‘Seconds as an English Language (Live from Asbury Park),’ document a career spent convincing their audience to stop thinking so hard, and get down to the business at hand. This business can range from such activities as smoking tar (‘Rotten Smokes’) or insistent ruminations on inebriation (‘I Might Be Drinking’). However the sound pours down your ears, it’ll surely leave you in a better place than where you started. Such is the magic of The Everymen.

The band just finished studio recordings of their new album, which should be announced in early July. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


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