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Weekly Feature: Conveyor

Brooklyn’s music Conveyor presents an intriguing blend of styles and influences. Combining the percussion of afropop with moody electronics and rhythmic patterned vocal placement, their sound is bouncy and creative. Many of the songs are the result of a collaborative writing process, giving the defined sections an air of intricacy. Time signatures that break out of the 4/4 mold suggest artists not content to rely on the safety of familiar patterns. The band released their debut full-length album on Paper Garden Records and is currently touring the US. - Read Dave Cromwell's interview with the band here.


Conveyor celebrates full length release at Mercury on 06.28

Brooklyn’s avant pop band Conveyor presents a sonic palette composed by an intriguing blend of styles and influences, combining the percussion of afropop with moody electronics and rhythmically patterned vocals. Many of the songs in their upcoming self-titled album are the result of a collaborative writing process, resulting in intricate arrangements reminiscent of Animal Collective's more melodic experiments. Time signatures out of the 4/4 mold also reveal musicians not content to rely on the safety of familiar patterns. The band will celebrate the release of their debut full-length (under Paper Garden Records' wing) with a show at The mercury Lounge on June 28. Recommended! - Dave Cromwell


Conveyor announces full length, release at Mercury on 06.28

Get off the plane, and you'll find you've landed in an entirely new kind of space, occupied by polyrhythmic chants and otherworldly acoustic strumming. I like bands like this. Conveyor does that rare thing where an entirely unique world is sculpted from the abbreviated tendencies of cultures from all over the world. Their palette places FM drones beside zither strumming in 'Mane' (streaming below), and the sunny cheerfulness of 4 part harmonies on tracks like 'mukraker.' All of this takes place within the binding of their debut self-titled LP coming out July 17th off Paper Garden Records.

The party hasn't ventured far from the band's initial percolations in their 'Sun Ray' EP. Conveyor was already at home in their skin then. What's amazing to me is that no matter how many bizarro instruments they pull into their mix, the sound is still entirely their own. So, once you do leave for your flight... you'll find a very large country to explore.

Catch the band at their record release party at Mercury Lounge on June 28th. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


Brain Cave Festival hits the Bell House TONIGHT!

Next Thursday and Saturday (Aprili 5th and 7th), the Deli-sponsored, second annual Brain Cave Festival will light up Brooklyn’s Bell House by bringing the best and brightest of the borough’s DIY scene to the stage for two nights of sonic and visual euphoria, showcasing 25 bands and live art by Peru Ana Ana Peru.

Thursday night’s lineup will feature mostly female-fronted bands – with indie pop, acoustic intrigue and fast-strummed rock from She Keeps Bees, Firehorse, Natureboy, Eula, Shilpa Ray and others. Saturday night sees Brooklyn’s up-and-coming take the stage with Team Genius, Caged Animals, Conveyor, Snowmine, GunFight!, Lost Boy?, Spanish Prisoners, Monogold, Clouder and others bringing everything from indie-punk, to electro-folk to swooping experimental.

Tickets can be purchased through the Bell House ($12 presale, $15 door, $20 for 2-day pass). The fest is presented by Paper Garden Records, CaraBella and (collabo!).

The Deli sponsors 4 day Paper Garden Records party in Austin with North Highlands, Savoir Adoire, Fort Lean, Conveyor, Eula + more


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