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Clouder loses a member, announces split EP

We’re sad to hear 5-piece, surf-angst band Clouder might not be long for this world—this June guitarist Steve Spinella will be disappearing into that speculated wormhole between Brooklyn and California. In a rather elegiac sounding Facebook post the band wrote “we just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us throughout the years-- we've played with some really fantastic bands and made a lot of wacky friends along the way. thank you for getting sticky with us and for catching eric every time he jumped off the stage mid-song.” In better news, they’ve announced a split EP coming out this spring with their buds Pow Wow!, so keep a look out. - Leora Mandel


Recommended Show: Clouder at The Flat, July 18th


If you're looking forward to fireworks this year, Clouder has got you covered. The sinister rockabilly of the group's latest single "Phantom Girl" should put a firecracker under your butt and shoot you straight off to the moon. The track launches immediately with a rattlesnake guitar snarl followed by a screaming hook where singer Eric Gilstrap calls you a 'little girl' repeatedly (it's a lot more fun than you'd think). The band's never been shy, but this new song rips things to shreds. It's a monster of a track, and delivers the proto-punk sledgehammer action found throughout the band's sophomore album 'Sister Raygun' (Fleeting Youth Records). Hear 'Phantom Girl' below and see the band when they play Fort Useless--SHOW HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE FLAT)--on July 18th. -Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


Psych Rockers Clouder releases new album 'Sister Raygun' + single 'Phantom Girl'

Brooklyn's grungy psych rockers Clouder make us feel like we're getting high in our friend's garage again, just like the good old days. Packed with fuzzy guitar riffs, strong vocals and an aggressive psych rock attitude, new single "Phantom Girl" may leave you confused at first, but its insane dark tension will get the most troubled of our readers aim at the play button again... It's the second single from the band's sophomore album 'Sister Raygun' which just dropped on March 4th via Fleeting Youth Records. Listen to the track below via Soundcloud. - Michael Haskoor (@Tweetskoor)


Weekly Feature: Clouder - live at The Grand Victory on 07.14

Eric Gilstrap (vocals), Steve Spinella (guitar), Matt Revie (guitar), Max Goransson (bass), and Jim Wood (drums) unite under the name Clouder. The band has been quite prolific, releasing their EP, "Serious Business," last September and full-length record, "Freakin’ Out the Squares" in February. The Brooklyn-based quintet rustles up the sounds, auras and cover art inspirations of music’s decades past, saturating the already-spacey musical atmosphere with even more psychedelic effects, and injecting them with elements of surf and garage rock. Live, they are a force to be reckoned with - see them at The Grand Victory on July 14. - Read Meijin Bruttomesso's interview with the band here.


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