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Career Crooks

New Track: "Crook With A Deal" - Career Crooks

The tandem of Zilla Rocca and Small Professor, a.k.a. Career Crooks, recently shared a new album, Thieving As Long As I'm Breathing, via Urbnet. Among a plethora of remixes, “Crook With A Deal” is wedged in. Updating 50 Cent’s “How To Rob” to fit the present, personal context, the track rides the hustle humorously, dropping names and taking what they please in the process. With a nod and a wink, a fun, unstoppable tenacity and acknowledgement is on full display.


New Career Crooks LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Continuing their longstanding creative collaboration, Wrecking Crew compatriots Zilla Rocca and Small Professor join forces as Career Crooks. Hot on the heels of its companion EP Take What's Coming, the full-length, Good Luck With That (which is available via URBNET), kicks back to a classic 90’s hip hop sound. Embedding true to life details within impassioned, in-the-moment lyricism, further accentuated by cinematically synchronized beats, the album zooms in up close and personal. Assertive aggression met with a coolly, confident demeanor, this hits hard and sticks.

New Music Video: "Least Important Most Important" - Career Crooks

Emcee/producer Zilla Rocca and beat-maker Small Professor haved teamed up for a new poject, dubbed Career Crooks. The duo shared an incendiary new single, "Least Important Most Important," which draws inspiration from Mad Men's Don Draper. ("We're going to sit at our desks and keep typing while the walls fall down around us because we're creative - the least important, most important thing there is.") It was also accompanied by a new music video that was directed by Bob Sweeney, and you'll be able to find the track on their upcoming full-length album, scheduled for release in early 2017.


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