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Young Man In A Hurry

Young Man In A Hurry "Harlem Night"

Young Man In A Hurry has released a new single called "Harlem Nights". This track is perfect for a brisk autumn night and features guest appearances from Whitney Johnson (Matchess) on vocals, viola, and effects and David Vandervelde (Father John Misty) on guitar.


Young Man In A Hurry "Land of the Lost"

Young Man In A Hurry has released a new single and video called "Land of the Lost". The single was written while the group was on tour in Florida and the video was filmed in Los Angeles. Lyrically the track focuses on the desire to want time to stand still for a period of time while you find yourself in moment you have always wanted.

You can catch Young Man In A Hurry on September 23rd for the release of their upcoming album at Schubas with Yours, Mookie, and Neptune's Core.

Young Man In A Hurry “Joëlle”

The latest single and video from Young Man In A Hurry's 2020 album, Jarvis, is “Joëlle”. The song is meditative look at life, time, and unrequited love. It is a accompanied by a video that was directed by the group's singer/songwriter Matt Baron and features Modern Dancer Tara Aisha Willis.


Young Man In A Hurry "Fixer Upper"

Young Man In A Hurry has released a new single called "Fixer Upper". This is an outtake from the band's 2020 debut album, Jarvis. The song is inspired by two of the last words the lead Singer's, Matt Baron, said to him before their divorce. The video documents the "Fixer Upper" that Baron lived in after said divorce.

Perhaps not the most uplifting Valentine's Day post, but it is a reminder that this is not a happy day for everyone. Some may be in the middle of living through their "Fixer Upper" moment.


Young Man in a Hurry "A Blue and Red Taxi and Bernie"

Young Man in a Hurry has released a video for the fifth single, "A Blue and Red Taxi and Bernie", from their debut album, Jarvis.

Lead singer and songwriter Matt Baron co-wrote this song with Grandmother, Dee, near the end of her life about his Grandfather.

Baron has this to say about the song and video; "The lyrics are about what it might be like to reconvene with a long-lost love on the other side, either physical or astral. The video subtly explores the idea of how we’re always trying to go somewhere new, and when we get there, we’re just there".


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