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Superfrog -- Call from the Moon

Superfrog -- Call from the Moon

I was pleasantly surprised when I received a package in the mail from the Portsmouth, NH-based band Superfrog. Not only had I been sent a copy of their latest release, Call from the Moon, but it was accompanied by a cover letter and very well-designed one-sheet. Call me old-fashioned, but I appreciate seeing a band put in the time and effort to distribute a physical press kit.

As for Call from the Moon, it was equally as impressive. I often find myself straying away from groups labeled “jam bands” because of their song lengths and superfluous instrumental solos. I love guitars, but seriously, who needs to hear a six-minute guitar or bass solo? My skepticism quickly dissipated as I listened to this record. I thought the band did an excellent job of showcasing their instrumental prowess without going overboard. They were able to produce tight, well-orchestrated songs while still demonstrating a mastery of their respective instruments.

In his cover letter, drummer Shane Cormer highlighted a few select tracks he felt were especially impressive on the album, and after listening to each of the songs, I find I am inclined to agree with his suggestions. I thought the second track, “Astronautical”, which was featured on Relix Magazine’s February/March 2010 CD sampler, was the best song on the record. I found the trumpet melodies to be quite infectious. The chorus really lifts the song up to another level, propelled by the entrance of perfectly placed back-up vocal harmonies and held down by an extremely tight rhythm section.

Based on what I heard from these songs, I would have to say that Superfrog has a great knack for crafting catchy and energetic choruses. “IOU1” is another track that demonstrates their propensity for great hooks. Their use of back-up vocals during the chorus of this song, coupled with a smooth trumpet line and “Fool-in-the-Rain-esque” drum groove, really gets this song stuck in your head.

Overall, I would have to say just one word can sum up Superfrog—professional. From the way they handle the distribution of their music to their creation of a brilliant blend of jam band-ska-rock, Superfrog has a sound that can certainly draw the interest of all kinds of different fans.--Daniel McMahon

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