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The Field Effect -- This EP Will Self-Destruct

The Field Effect -- This EP Will Self-Destruct

As a self-proclaimed alt-pop aficionado from Jersey, (alt-pop is one of the few instances where being from New Jersey actually gives credibility) I was quite impressed by the five song EP entitled This EP Will Self-Destruct from Boston based The Field Effect. The album had a pull that kept me humming all the hooks all day long. Yet, what is more impressive is that the album is fun, energetic, and heartfelt but done in a manner that is mature, cohesive, and not in your face. The EP breaks down and builds up impeccably, each song meticulously placed with a clear intent.

The album starts off with the band’s single “Kurt Vonnegut.” The song reminds me of one of my favorite bands of the genre, Jimmy Eat World, but more warranting to the listener to get up and dance. Moving on to the next track, “One F” which shows off The Field Effect’s range of creativity within their genre drawing a sound that remains faithful to their alt-rock sound but has elements of contemporary indie-rock with a dreamy and hopeful vibe. Guitarist Nick Greico and singer/guitarist Doug Orey play well off each other allowing for moments of perfect pop song writing allowing for Nick’s tasteful and practical guitar lines to lead the vocal melodies from part to part, throwing in a nifty guitar solo here and there.

Then comes the track Annapolis, a somber heartfelt ballad that marks the middle the EP as the band masterfully brings the energy down, keeping the listener intrigued and allowing for the next track “Til I say When,” to pack an even bigger punch. "Til I Say When" is the type of track that’ll make any listener upset the song is not blasting out of their car driving around town in the middle of spring. The song creates space only to go full force into the chorus making it all the more memorable, which is a theme of the album.

The album ends with the five minute epic song “Sleeping Alone” that takes every element the EP has and twists it into a sad but truthful ending. “What scares me most/is sleeping alone.” Lyrics like these keep impressing all the way until the end as the band rip themselves open and put everything they have on the table with these five songs. This EP is sure to take you on a journey full of enjoyment, sentiment, dance, and thought. Make sure to catch the Field Effect at Great Scott on Saturday, March 17th!--Michael Giordano

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