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Bunny's A Swine -- All Day, Alright

Bunny's A Swine -- All Day, Alright

Sometimes I wonder if all musicians have truly lost their minds and I worry that dub-step and “wobble-bass” will overtake the music world like a modern-day Bubonic plague. In the midst of these thoughts, I occasionally hear a record that pulls me back into reality and reminds me that not every musician has gone insane and that people are still perfectly capable of making rockin’ music. All Day, Alright, the newest release from Bunny’s A Swine, is one such record.

Bunny’s A Swine manages to capture a 90’s indie rock vibe a la Modest Mouse/Sonic Youth and infuse it with a liveliness that catches the listener’s attention. I found the guitar work on this record to be excellent; I was particularly intrigued by the incorporation of what the band describes as a “three-stringed guitar,” which, as you may have guessed, is a regular guitar with only three strings. This exhibition of unique musical ingenuity is reflective in their sound. I thought the opening track, 630/430, was an excellent choice to start off the record. It really sets the tone for the rest of the album with its upbeat guitar riffs and R.E.M-esque feel.

Winter Song/Spring Version is another favorite track of mine from this release. The addition of the distant yelling for the backing vocals adds to the intensity and urgency of the song.

Overall, All Day, Alright is immensely entertaining. The band is able to establish a high level of energy and emotion at the start of the record and carry it all the way through the end, making All Day, Alright incredibly hard to turn off after only one song (or one complete listen through, for that matter). This album, along with a collection of their other works, can be streamed and is available for purchase on their bandcamp site. If live music and real human interaction is more to your liking, head over to Western Mass. on March 1 and check them out in-person at the Sierra Grill in Northampton.--Daniel McMahon

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