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BR1GHT PR1MATE -- The Reality Chipmusic Love Industry [REMIXES]

BR1GHT PR1MATE -- The Reality Chipmusic Love Industry [REMIXES]

As seen on FOX News in 2010 for a live performance, BR1GHT PR1MATE are one of many artists riding the 8-bit nostalgia wave with their dance-y chiptune style. The Boston duo, made up of singer Lydia Marsala and video gamer James Therrien, currently has a smattering of EPs, covers, video game soundtracks, and other odds and ends, including The Reality Chipmusic Love Industry [REMIXES], the August, 2011 release.

In April 2011 BR1GHT PR1MATE released The Reality Chipmusic Love Industry, a six-song album about “hope, death, sci-fi, businessmen, cooking and reality television,” according to the band. And in response to reaching 300,000 downloads of their music, BR1GHT PR1MATE initiated a remix album featuring electronic artists Decktonic, Smiletron, I am [noun], and Misfitchris. Each of the four tracks on the remix album is a reworking of the original-- BR1GHT PR1MATE’s chiptune and vocal samples are weaved in along with the unique sounds provided by each of the collaborators.

The remixes are restructured versions of the originals with a lot more layering, bringing them away from BR1GHT PR1MATE’s basement party style and making them more dance club ready. Two of the artists put a different spin on Fanfare: Misfitchris of Connecticut gives the song a more full, entrancing sound while New York’s Decktonic plays up the chiptune parts. Providence duo I am [noun] throw some dubstep on Please Me and throw in a totally sweet, out-there electro breakdown at the end. Chiptune artist Smiletron experimented with Reach, taking out the original vocals entirely and adding more clubby elements.--Sarah Ruggiero

BR1GHT PR1MATE will be playing Monday, Feb. 13 at Great Scott.

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