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B.O.M.B Fest re-cap Sunday May 29th

- by Meghan Chiampa
Photos by Robinson Hill

We didn't get into a hotel until 4am. Not because of Rock and Roll reasons, we just didn't make reservations and every hotel around the area was booked. Sunday at the B.O.M.B fest was WAY more happenin' than Saturday, not talent-wise, there were just a lot more people there. The two best local acts we saw on Sunday were back-to-back: Cosmic Dust Bunnies followed by The Backyard Commitee. T

he Cosimic Dust Bunnies live up to their name. Spacey and other-worldly with a gentle jam-band-esque demenor. The Backyard Commitee (New Haven, CT) is more roots heavy rock with a blues attitude. They were widly buzzed about. Here's some shots of The Backyard Commitee.

I missed a lot of acts I really wanted to see because of the very early scheduling. David Wax Musuem and Dirty Dishes were both scheduled before 2pm on Saturday and because of traffic we missed 'em.

I have to give a shout-out to a Philly based band called Man Man who are huge fans of the Deli(s). Here's a couple shots of those crazy guys. Thanks for the mini-Budwiesers.


Anyway, here's a list of 5 local bands/artists you should check out from the Conneticut area that the Deli really dug at BOMB fest.

Cosmic Dust Bunnies
Ovlov (below in the garden shots)
The Frank Critelli Band
Fake Babies
Emjae (below in daytime shots)


Let's hear it for the sound guys.


And most of all thanks to you all! 


We thank you too! Had a blast at B.O.M.B fest!