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Elephants to Perform at Midway Cafe July 5th

Elephants to Perform at Midway Cafe July 5th

Have you ever first listened to a band and said "Once they nail down their sound, these guys will sound great"? Well, Elephants has nailed down their sound, and their sound is good--very good. I reviewed a disc of theirs, The Sea EP, in 2011 and was impressed by their brand of low-fi, punk-inspired rock. A couple years later, they've still got that sound, but it's much more refined and clean-cut, while still retaining an intense energy. Elephants' most recent effort, a self-titled album, reflects changes both in the band's musical quality, and the makeup of the band in general. The solos are more technical, the rhythm is tight--overall it's a great sound. I think what really makes this record is that the band really filled out their songs--instead of sticking with their two-guitar format, Elephants added bass and drums on this record, beefing up the sound and really maxing-out the potential of their songs. The vocals provided by front-woman Lauren Garant are somehow catchy, uplifting, indifferent and jaded all at the same time. Quite an interesting combination, but a great combination nonetheless. If you have a spare minute (or twenty), head on over to those-elephants.bandcamp.com and give Elephants a listen. The band will also be performing live at The Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain on July 5.  -Daniel McMahon


Published: June 27, 2013 |

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