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Pleasure Curses @ Velvet Lounge Review

Pleasure Curses @ Velvet Lounge Review


(by Natan Press) Jan. 12, Pleasure Curses played their first gig at the Velvet Lounge to a packed room. The crowd head-bobbed, foot-tapped and drunken-jiggled through the entire set by the electro-punk duo of Jahn Teetsov and Evan Grice. Pleasure Curses is an example of the serendipitous circumstances that surround so many successful acts.

The Virginia natives first met in music camp as children, and reconnected after Jahn returned from college in Manchester, England (Evan is still attending JMU), absorbing the Madchester sound while playing in local bands. The young Pleasure Curses do the older Brits justice, mimicking the Northern sounds of the decade before they were born with the control and precision of true admirers. Harnessing the powers of a Korg, a Kaoss padd and the Abelton music sequencer, Pleasure Curses self-recorded their first EP Stripes.

For the show, Evan deftly handled the devices while playing his bass. Jahn’s voice channels Bernard Sumner, though at this point he’s a bit uncomfortable playing guitar while singing in a live setting. Despite this confession, Jahn’s an able frontman, speaking comfortably to the crowd, and singing as if well practiced. One assumes it won’t take long for him to add the guitar to his performance. Pleasure Curses is also looking for a drummer, though they’re legitimately worried that a third member could disturb their already effective chemistry. If the crowd at their first show is any judge, they don’t need to change a thing, and if they do want to increase their stage presence, they’ll have no difficulty finding willing participants.

Published: January 22, 2013 |

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