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Q&A with the deli's Band of the Month: Hey Ice Machine
by Chrissy Prisco

Deli NE: How did the band start?

Hey Ice Machine: All the members of the band have been playing in the local Boston music scene for a long time in some pretty great bands (Fuzzy, Frank Smith, Mittens, Come, Muy Cansado, Thalia Zedek, Consonant, etc.). We decided to get together and jam and write some songs. We kept it relaxed and really had no expectations other than to hang out and play music. In the end we wrote a lot of great songs and decided to put out an album.

Deli NE: Where did the band name, Hey Ice Machine, come from?


“Hey Ice Machine” came from lyrics from a Minutemen song.

Deli NE: What are your biggest musical influences?

Biggest musical influences just to name a few: Rolling Stones, The Band, Built To Spill, The Walkmen, Television, The Louvin Brothers, Charles Mingus, The Remains, etc.

Deli NE: What artists (local, national and/or international) are you currently listening to?

HIM: Currently we are listening to: Don Cherry, OV Wright, Dinosaur Jr., Alice Coltrane, The Wipers, Al Green, Bill Callahan, etc.

Deli NE: What's the first concert that you ever attended and first album that you ever bought?

HIM: First Concert: J. Geils Band, Allman brothers; first Album: Rock and Roll Over by Kiss, Licensed To Ill by The Beastie Boys.

Deli NE: What do you love about New England’s music scene?

HIM: The best thing about the New England music scene is the camaraderie between the bands as well as the music resources i.e. local radio, music publications and venues. There is also a good amount of respect and appreciation between musicians in New England and it creates a great environment in which to be creative.

Deli NE: What would you like to see change in the local music scene?

HIM: The local music scene is always evolving so it’s hard to pinpoint areas that need change. It’s a frustrating business with so much competition, so you roll with the punches and just enjoy the fact that you get to play music with good friends.

Deli NE: What are your plans for the upcoming year?

HIM: This past year has been pretty busy for us so we would like to keep the momentum going. Looking forward to touring at the beginning of next year (2013).

Deli NE: What was your most memorable live show?

HIM: Most memorable live shows for us would be: Otis Clay opening for Ann Peebles, Steely Dan, John Fogerty,

Deli NE: Is there someone who has helped your band grow through support?

HIM: I don’t think we could narrow down any one person who has been more supportive than others. Our friends, fans, family, peers have all been great and continue to help us grow as musicians.

Deli NE: Is there a piece of equipment you couldn't live without and why?

HIM: A lot of our equipment has been with us for many years so just like anything else it’s always an uncomfortable feeling when a situation arises and you can’t use it.

Deli NE: Why do you read The Deli?

HIM: The Deli is one of the great resources that we mentioned above that is out to help local musicians. There is so much local music all over the country and The Deli brings some organization to it. You help so many bands get their music out there in addition to connecting musicians with each other. We can’t say enough nice things about it!


Hey Ice Machine



Hey Ice Machine