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Interview with Cowgill

- by Josh Johnson

Boston's Cowgill, named after lead singer and guitarist Paul Cowgill, have built up quite a following in their hometown. That following has recently expanded due to the six-piece band's first major tour, which hit Brooklyn, Chicago, and Washington DC. In addition to their extensive touring, Cowgill released their debut album, "Side One of Planted," which features five songs that show off all of the band's different influences. Read on to learn more about Cowgill's name, future albums, and the Boston music scene. And if none of that interests you, there are also masturbation jokes, so there's something for everybody.

Congrats on your debut release, "Side One of Planted." Has your experience as a band changed since it came out?

Ryan Rivers: Well, we now have side one of an album to share our music with people (friends, adoring fans, the world, etc.). So now there are more nodding heads in the audience. Cowgill rocks.

Leeann Hackett: Also, while we're writing this, we're getting close to finishing up our first world tour together (well...East of the Mississippi), and we've gotten a lot tighter as a band, and we've gotten to be way better friends.

The record dabbles in several genres, like folk, pop, and rock. Who are some of the band's biggest musical influences?

Joe Pess: 'Serpentine Fire'!!!

Paul Cowgill: Seriously. That song is killer. Also Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Dave Matthews Band, Radiohead, The Head and the Heart, Marvin Gaye, and Dirty Projectors.

What made you decide to use Paul's last name as the band's name? Did you try out any other names before deciding to go down the Van Halen route?

Mike Truskowski: Yes. We tried Paul Cowgill and the Thundercats, but we thought it had too many 't's in it.

Dan Weissman: And honestly, we want to be known for our whisper as much as for our thunder. So we brainstormed over a few band meals, and nothing beat out Cowgill. It's kinda nice since it's also just two words together. Like bandwagon. Or rainbow. And decidedly NOT Cowgirl.

What's your favorite thing about the Boston/New England music scene?

Leeann: College chicks.

Paul: Rock Shop Boston

Ryan: Its penchant for sweeping generalizations mixed with a longstanding tradition of theremin playing.

Do you have any plans regarding a future release?

Paul: I'm planning on masturbating tonight-oh! You mean the album. This winter, bitches!

Mike: Yeah I think the idea is to keep releasing things as "sides" of albums for the next few. Five songs just seems like a perfect amount for people to take in at one time. And recording music is crazy expensive.

Do you have any other information you wish to share?

All: Just want to quickly put in a shameless plug for our website, where you can but our T-shirts (we wish we could wear them without being douchebags, since they're really soft and cool). And you know, that's also where you can sign up for our mailing lists, buy our music, and all that good stuff.







Side One of Planted